Article I


The purpose of the Frozen North LX Car Club (referred to as “The Club”) is to promote the sport and hobby of owning, altering, building, and modifying vehicles. To encourage interest in said vehicles to the general public and bringing together all those with similar interests.
To encourage family participation in such sport.
To promote friendship, support organization functions held by such club, as well as others who have such interest.
Section 2: Classification of Vehicles

All vehicles built on or based on the Chrysler LX platform (2005-present Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler 300, 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum. All members must own one of the above vehicles, unless granted an honorary membership through unanimous vote by the Board.

Article II

Definition of Bylaws

These Bylaws constitute a code of rules adopted by The Club, for the regulation and management of its affairs.

Article III


Section 1

Membership is open to all individuals 18 years of age and older that are interested in promoting the purposes of this club.
Membership will be granted on a case by case basis, via the submission process on The Club website. Each new member must have the vote of the three club officers. For applicants requesting membership that don’t meet the vehicle classification requirement, a unanimous vote by the board in favor is required.
New members will be granted a 90 day trial membership. During this trial, the new member must attend at least one club function. After the 90 day trial, the new member will need a majority vote of the club officers to remain in the club. After the approval of the new member, Club dues will be collected.
When a member joins this club their spouse or significant other may become a member of The Club, if requested. Spouses that do not own a qualifying vehicle will not have voting rights. All club activities shall be open to members and their immediate family. Member’s immediate family are also welcome to help at all functions.
Members may be removed from the Club at any time deemed necessary by a unanimous vote of the Club officers. The Club officers also have the option of placing member on a 90 day probation period.
It is strongly encouraged that members show pride in their club and purchase a FNLX decal to be displayed on their vehicle. If you currently have another club decal on your vehicle, a FNLX decal of equal or greater size must be placed on the exterior of your vehicle in a location noticeable to others.

Section 2

Conduct during Club activities and other events, members shall:

Conduct themselves in a manner which promotes cooperation among members.
Respect each other’s opinions during meetings and allow each member the opportunity to present his/her views.
Refrain from making personal attacks and leave personal disputes outside of the Club’s activities.
Conduct themselves in a manner which promotes a favorable public opinion of the Club and its activities/events.
Not make commitments on behalf of the Club without the vote of approval of the Executive Board.
Respond to Facebook event invites. It’s critically important for us to know what size of group to expect at an event.
Violation of the code of conduct can lead to termination from the club.

As a member of the Club, it is important to help with the promotion of car shows and cruise nights via handing out flyers, wearing club apparel, and talking to owners of cars to promote The Club and what we are trying to accomplish.
Members must operate vehicles in such a manner that it will not cause embarrassment to The Club, its officers, and members. If such a case arises, The Board by majority vote may remove the member from The Club
All Club members who drive while involved in club functions or are traveling with The Club going to or from a club function, shall abide by the laws of the State of Minnesota, or any other State when representing The Club.
Article IV

Dues and Donations to the Club

Club dues and donations go towards making this club what it is. We buy supplies for events, promotional items, and Club property like tents, grills, tables, etc. Our Annual Dues are set intentionally low, to make sure our group is open to the widest possible audience. However, we depend on donations from both members and sponsors. On the

website, there is a button to make a donation to The Club. Donations and Annual dues can also be paid by check or money order and written out directly to Frozen North LX Car Club, Inc.

During the course of a year, we may have donation drives, when club officers deem it necessary for funding an event or large Club purchase.

Section 1 – Donations

For the single member that donates the most during a calendar year, we have our special honor of Top Fuel Member. The Top Fuel Member will be recognised at our Annual Meeting, and will also receive recognition on the Club website, and dues for the following year will be waived.

Section 2 – Dues

Effective 2013, Annual Dues are $20.00. Due payments are due no later than thirty (30) after the Annual Meeting. Membership may be suspended and access to the Facebook group and any other Club communication channels may be revoked until dues are brought current. If dues are not made current within ninety (90) days after Annual Meeting, the membership will be terminated. Dues are non refundable for any reason.
New members will have thirty (30) days after permanent membership approval to pay the Annual dues. If not paid by the 30 day due date, membership will be terminated.
Section 3 – Lifetime Membership

Effective 2013, members have the option of a Lifetime Membership. A Lifetime membership is a one-time cost of $200. Members who choose this option will never have to pay for any further dues payments. If a member leaves or is removed from The Club, no refunds will be given. Lifetime members are still encouraged to donated to The Club, especially if there is a fundraising drive.
Article V


A quorum to conduct business at any Officers meeting shall be the presence of 3 of the 5 club officers.
A quorum to conduct business at any membership meeting shall be deemed to be no less than twenty five percent (25%) of the membership.
Article VI

Bylaws Changes

Bylaws may be modified with a two-thirds majority vote of all members who return ballots. A minimum return of 25% of club members is required for the vote to be valid.
A minimum thirty-day written notification (electronic communication via facebook) to all members must precede a vote on any proposed modifications.
Article VII


Staggered Terms

Officers are elected to 3 year terms with a staggered election cycle, so that no more that two positions are voted for at the Annual Meeting.


Any vacancy of an officer may be filled by a vote of the remaining officers even though they may constitute less than a quorum. If a vacancy is filled by an officer vote, the new officer will assume the remaining term of the vacated position.


An officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of The Club – with or without clause. A successor may then and there be elected fill the vacancy thus created.

Compensation Prohibited

Officers shall receive no compensation for their services but they shall be entitled to received reimbursement for their out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing duties on behalf of The Club.

Duties of the Officers are as follows:

Maintain general supervision of the affairs of the Club.

Preside at meetings of the Officers, and The Club.

Appoint members to committees.

Represent the Club in all matters outside club meetings.

Keep accurate records of Club finances.

Maintain a record of paid members

Record minutes of all Officer and membership meetings.

Maintain club records.

Manage club correspondence.

Article VIII

Meetings and Voting

The Annual Meeting of the members, for the election of directors and other club business shall be held in January, at a date and time the club officers deem appropriate. This is a very important club meeting and it is strongly encouraged that you attend. If you are unable to attend, it’s extremely important that you submit a proxy to another member or club officer so The Club can conduct business at the meeting.
A special meeting of the members may be called at any time upon seven days written notice to the members, at the direction of the Board of Directors, or upon request of 25 percent of the members.
Voting for club officers will be done by a written ballot. For all other items, a vote by voice will be held.
Article IX

Facebook Group Access:

Access to the private Facebook Group is for members only. Upon request, members may have their spouses or significant others added to the facebook group.

Adopted 1/10/2015